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Welcome to Vesterålen Crisis Centre

If you are the victim of violence within close relationships, we are here to help you.
At the crisis centre, our staff has lengthy experience in caring for people in crisis. You do not need an appointment. There is no waiting time. You can ring us at any time.
You can choose to remain anonymous when you ring us to get information and advice.

We are working to ensure that this web page has all the current information you need. Our goal is to provide safety and security for victims of violence on the part of close relations. We urge you to have the courage to contact us. There is always a solution and a way to enjoy a better life without violence, irrespective of your nationality, gender or age. You can also visit the web portal which is a national guide to information and a list of help agencies for people vulnerable to violence and abuse

You will find a list of crisis centres in Norway her.

You are not alone! You decide the path your life will take, and we are willing to walk that path with you.

Legal rights and help for those who are subjected to criminal acts in Norway

forside brosjyre. foto.ABOUT what you are entitled to and where you can apply for help.
Brochure, Norwegian Crisis Centre Secretariat and Office of Compensation for Victims of Violence. 2013
The brochures are free.
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