Anonymity and confidentiality


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We will not store information about you if you do not want us to do so. Any documents containing information about you that we may have after you have contacted us will be given to you, if you want them. Any remaining documents will be completely deleted or destroyed.
We keep statistics on the use of our services, but these are never linked with names or recognizable information about you.
The residents at the shelter sign an ethical declaration of confidentiality.
To ensure your anonymity, the employees will not greet you if they should meet you in any other context, unless of course you greet them first.


All employees at the centre have a duty of confidentiality cf. Section 12 to 13e of the Norwegian Public Administration Act and cf. Section 5 of the Norwegian Act relating to Municipal Crisis Centre Services, which states:
"The duty of confidentiality also applies to place of birth, birth date, national identity number, nationality, civil status, profession, place of domicile, place of work and any other information that may reveal that a persona has been in contact with the service" (

According to the above statutes, information to other parts of the public services may be shared when necessary to ensure execution of the tasks of the municipality pursuant to this law, cf. Norwegian Public Administration Act, Section 13b numbers 5 and 6.
Exemptions to this are cases in which it is deemed necessary to provide information in order to prevent immediate danger to life or serious harm to personal health. Information can be provided to the Child Protection/Welfare agency if it is suspected that a child has been abused or subjected to neglect, cf. Norwegian Child Welfare Act, Section 4-10, Section 4-11, Section 4-12 and Section 4-24 (