Protective measures

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The crisis centre has its own security devices on the buildings; in addition, we continually assess the threat level in consultation with the individual residents.
We cooperate with our partners, who include the police, lawyers, the Child Welfare agency and other crisis centres, in order to best protect you and your children.

We have protective measures for you if you are subjected to honour-related domestic violence, forced marriage or genital mutilation.

All police jurisdictions have a coordinator for domestic violence and sexual assault. You can contact the police to report an incident, or if you have not yet decided to make an official report, to discuss the possibility of making one. For the Central Hålogaland police district, the domestic violence coordinator, Mariann Heimlund, has an office in Svolvær. You can bring along a person you trust when you go in to speak with the police. The police will advise you of the opportunity to apply for a non-molestation order, to get a personal security alarm or whether you qualify for legal counsel for the aggrieved.
Central Hålogaland police district does not have a separate sexual assault referral centre; in cases of sexual assault victims are referred to the closest hospital.

Below is a list of links that may be useful to read if you are in need of protection.

Family violence coordinator
Telephone no.: 76 06 94 22
Or leave a message: 76 06 94  00

Police and crime report

Personal security alarm
You can read more about the personal security alarm on the web pages of the police.
Politiets nettsider

Non-molestation order
You can read more about this at

Residence permit on the basis of abuse
If you and your children have been subjected to domestic violence by a spouse or partner, you can apply for a residence permit before three years have passed; read more on the UDI  and the Mira centre’s web pages.

Sexual assault referral centre
Read more about the sexual assault referral centre on dixi’s web pages.

Legal counselling for women

Free legal assistance
Read more about free legal assistance and other questions you may have in conjunction with legal help at