Tel: 76 12 23 30

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The crisis telephone is attended 24 hours a day year round by employees who will help you sort your thoughts and who will provide support and guidance in your situation.
You may choose to remain anonymous.

Most people who contact the crisis centre do so by telephone. During the conversation, you can opt to have further contact with the crisis centre if you choose. This further contact can be either by telephone or by a personal interview for which you can book an appointment. In a crisis situation, if you need a place to stay, you can stay with us for a period.
We may not be physically present at the centre if we are out on call; it is important that you ring us before you come to the centre..

You can also get in touch by e-mail if you prefer, but e-mail is not monitored 24 hours a day, and it may take some time before you receive a reply.

If you find it difficult to contact us on your own: Get someone you know and trust to help you get in touch with us; this can be a friend, a member of the family or your personal family doctor.


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