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Ever since it was started 30 years ago, the crisis centre has been the fortunate recipient of gifts, money and donations from individuals, volunteer organizations, commercial enterprises, etc.  We are very appreciative of this great generosity; it helps us to provide a little extra help to residents and their children at the crisis centre.


Money gifts

Money gifts we receive are deposited in our gift account, which we use to finance activities and events for our users.  These may include, for example...

  • equipment and materials for activities for children and adults (handicrafts, games, films, etc.)
  • coverage of costs for activities for children and adults such as the cinema, bowling, swimming, etc.
  • special measures in our shelter to make holidays such as Christmas and Easter more enjoyable
  • celebration of birthdays
  • meals for everyone together
  • toys, play apparatuses outdoors and indoors
  • gifts to residents who are experiencing financial hardship
  • other measures such as supplementary funds for returning home during holidays, for residents who do not have close family in the immediate area. 


Other gifts and donations

We receive very many (gifts of the heart) used items that we and our residents greatly appreciate.  There is a limit, however, to the number of items we can find a place for and store. We find it best to let “rumours spread” when we have a person who needs to start completely over and who needs a large number of things. This approach normally activates kind donors who provide a large number of usable second-hand items such as furniture, electrical appliances such as washing machines, household appliances, clothes, toys, etc.

Many new items are also donated to the centre such as table runners, decorative items, new televisions and other things that we can use to make life more pleasant for the residents. In addition, each year we have received Christmas/birthday gifts donated by the centre’s personnel.

We thank our benefactors very much for contributions of any size.  They make a difference here at the centre.

If you or your organization want to make a contribution to the above-mentioned work we do, you can do so by making a deposit into the crisis centre’s gift bank account number 1503.40.99925.