Minority background

Vold i nære relasjoner


If you are a person of minority background and are the victim of violence within close relationships, you can contact us.
We can work together with you to find a solution to your situation. 
If you need an interpreter, we will appoint one for you.

Does your abuser try to stop you from:

  • Getting papers for legal residence in Norway
  • Being registered in the national register of residences
  • Participating in Norwegian courses or in the introduction programme
  • Getting access to health services
  • Getting your own bank card (or the abuser tries to control your money)
  • Participating in working life
  • Getting information about your rights and public services you are entitled to
  • Having a social life with people other than the abuser
  • Applying for a permanent residence permit after three years in Norway

Not only physical abuse

Violence is much more than being physically abused. If your personal freedom is strictly controlled, this is also violence. Many persons who have used the services of the crisis centre describe psychological abuse as the worst kind.

Persons with minority background are a vulnerable group in terms of violence and abuse. Man persons come to Norway with hopes and dreams of a better life for themselves and their family. Some marry Norwegian men or women; others come to Norway as refugees. Women with minority backgrounds are often particularly vulnerable if the abuser exercises strict control over the woman and isolates her. The threshold for breaking out of such a relationship is high, often because of traditions. Many experience that they get no support from their family in their country of origin or in Norway after a relationship break-up, and they find themselves alone in a foreign country.  Many are also frightened by the possibility that they might be sent back to their home country.

If you are the victim of violence in close relations and are in Norway based on family reunion, or are afraid of losing your residence permit, you are entitled to apply for a new residence permit based on your new situation. By following the link below, you can find more information about this on UDI’s web pages, which are translated into several languages. www.udi.no/vold

Your legal rights and assistance you can get if you are a victim of criminal acts in Norway

ABOUT what you are entitled to and where you can apply for help.
Brochure, Norwegian Crisis Centre Secretariat and Office of Compensation for Victims of Violence. 2013.
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