Our services

Vesterålen Crisis Centre offers services to women, men and their children who are victims of physical and psychological violence in close relationships

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  • The crisis centre is run by knowledgeable staff members who have lengthy experience caring for persons who are victims of violence.
  • The crisis centre is not a treatment facility, but a low-threshold help centre where all services are free of charge.
  • We are not a substitute for public services, but we are a supplement to them.

You are welcome to contact us at any time


The Vesterålen Crisis Centre has the following objectives

  • To offer you and/or your children protection, support and practical help in a difficult life situation.
  • To be a safe place where you can tell your story, be taken seriously and be met with understanding and warmth.
  • To help you and, with your consent, contact public service agencies such as the police, NAV, legal assistance, doctors and any others whom you may need to talk to or consult.
  • To give you the time you need to gain control over your own life so that you can make the decisions that will result in a life free from violence.