Men subjected to violence

Forside brosjyren Menn utsatt for vold i nære relasjoner. Foto.

The myth that you are not a real man if you let your partner dominate you serves only to isolate victims of violence and increases the victimizer’s power. You can read more about the topic by following the link to the brochure from Reform concerning men subjected to violence and clicking on the brochure to the left, or follow the link under  Facts and myths about men subjected to violence

For further information on the topic, you can follow the link to the resource centre for men; you can also contact ‘Reform’s men’s helpline telephone number 22340960.

We receive telephone calls at the crisis centre from persons who want to stay in their home relationship, but want the violence to stop. These may include relationships in which one person resorts to violence, or both resort to violence to solve conflicts. We recommend that you get in touch with the Lofoten and Vesterålen Family Care/Welfare office, which offers family therapy and anger management courses conducted by professionals with competence those fields. The only requirement is that the person or persons who use violence truly want to do something about it.