Temporary shelter

Trenger du vår beskyttelse


We can offer you a temporary place to stay, and you pay nothing. Residents have their own room, but they share common rooms such as the kitchen, living room and bathroom.
The shelter rooms for women and men are physically separate.

Residents of the centre buy and prepare their own food. If you have no money for food and other necessities when you arrive at the shelter, the Crisis Centre will help you until you have applied to NAV for a living allowance. The centre arranges meals together during holidays such as Christmas, Easter and special occasions such as birthdays. Residents are given an opportunity to observe and follow their own traditions.
All residents at the centre agree to follow the house rules concerning safety and cleaning/maintenance. Provided their health permits, all residents must clean their own room and help with cleaning and household chores at the centre.

Our shelter


We have a shelter measuring about 430 m2 and containing three living modules. These living modules are separate and are used according to the needs of the residents, as a crisis centre for women, men and a halfway house. Two of these modules are still in the process of renovation, but we hope to have the work completed during 2016. In addition, we hope to establish a halfway house in Lofoten in the course of 2016. The crisis centre is equipped with security devices and we have established our own security routines to ensure the safety of the adult residents, children and employees.

The crisis centre is adapted so that women, men and older persons with disabilities can live at the centre and take advantage of the chance to speak with us.



Vi har en stor eiendom som er tilrettelagt for uteaktiviteter,  i tillegg til sittegrupper og lekeplass for barn.