What help can we offer?

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We are a service provider and can offer support, information and guidance that may help you to find a way out of the violence that your and/or your children are experiencing.
It is completely voluntary to contact the centre, to stay at the shelter and to participate in the crisis centre’s activities. If you want us to help you get in touch with other help agencies, we will do this based on a declaration of consent signed by you.
If you need an interpreter so that we can communicate better, we will arrange that.
If you need someone to talk to in order to sort out ideas and emotions, we hare here for you.

This page provides you with an overview of what we can offer you.

  • An opportunity to talk
    You can ring us 24 hours a day or meet us for a daytime conversation. We can also arrange follow-up contacts if you wish to continue talking with us. The content of our conversations are designed to help you find a solution to your problem. This may include information, mapping of your situation or your children’s situation, guidance, assistance to find solutions and processing of hurtful experiences. The personnel at the centre are very knowledgeable about other help agencies and what they can do to help you.
  • An opportunity to stay at the centre
    You and your children can stay with us, while at the same time one of our workers will help you contact other help agencies and accompany you to them. These may include NAV, the police, the Family Care/Welfare Centre, a lawyer, doctor, housing agency, etc.
    You are able to speak with us without much waiting time, so that you can work through your situation and start planning your future life.
  • The centre helps in the re-establishment phase
    Everyone who moves out of the shelter is offered individually-adapted follow-up.
  • Practical assistance.

In addition, the centre offers:

  • Kindergarten care for children
    The centre has an agreement with a local kindergarten.  One of the centre’s personnel will take the children to school so that they can enjoy outdoor activities with other children.
  • Socializing for adults
    Our experience shows that many residents who come to us need to relax, talk, work through what has happened to them and sort out their thoughts. Nevertheless, they need a break now and then; they need to think about something other than their problems. We make provisions for enjoyable social events, with good food, TV watching, films, games and handicrafts.
    We make provisions for physical activities for those who wish to participate in them.
    The centre is a member of Mental Health, and the residents at the centre have an opportunity to take advantage of MH’s activities and events.
  • Environment/activity plan for adults and children
    Our experience shows that children want to be together with mum or dad, depending on the situation they are experiencing. This plan provides an overview of activities for the children and the adults. The activities may include cinema, bowling, open hall and activities, swimming and cultural events in Sortland or the surrounding region.
    Our shelter is equipped so that children can play, and they can enjoy fairy-tale time in our reading corner.